Dear friends and musiclovers!
We are very happy to announce that after our show with the magnificent Kadebostany at the KUFA Lyss last week, we are going to support them at the Komplex in Zurich on the 17th of December.
Our last show this year will be on the 19th supporting Pablo Nouvelle at the Kiff in Aarau.
Would be lovely to see you there.

Happy advent to you all!

Nominated for Basler Poppreis 2014

I am extremely honored to announce that BLEU ROI has been nominated for the Basler Poppreis 2014! You can vote for us to win the audience award here. The winner of the grand award will be announced on the 5th of November. A special thanks to the RFV Basel and the Juries for this very flattering nomination.

Farewell wonderful NYC

A third glimpse into our time with BLEU ROI in New York City and some other parts of the USA. A special thanks to the magical Big Apple for the incredible and inspiring time. The music is from another new demo called “Hatteras” (working title). After these amazing months we look forward to all the things coming up and would love to see you at one of our shows this fall. More exciting news will follow shortly – so stay tuned!

Some more impressions of NYC

Here are some more bits and pieces of our experiences in this magical city.
The music is a cover of Frank Sinatra’s «New York New York».
Happy weekend everyone!
p.s. we’ll be back soon – make sure to watch our concert dates.

Bleu Roi in NYC

Here’s a first little glimpse into our time with BLEU ROI here in the Big Apple.
The music is from one of our new demos “Future Paths” (working title). Stay tuned for more and have a wonderful day!

A “Blick” into NYC

The Swiss Newspaper BLICK AM ABEND visited us in NYC -
have a look at the article below!
In a few days we will post a first short videoclip of our time here with some new music -
so stay tuned!

Bleu Roi @ Blick am Abend


p.s. Living in New York City 2.0: Eating skyscrapers for breakfast!


Bleu Roi NYC

NYC Rocks!

We’ve had the most exciting past few weeks: 3 amazing shows (thanks to all the venues for having and the other bands for some great music), meeting a bunch of great people, spending time with wonderful friends and family, videoshoot with the lovely & talented Maria Gysi, hanging with master JD, beer and chips on a rooftop, songwriting at NY’s finest beach, amazing food and a Yankees game to top it off!
Things just couldn’t get better…

For pics and more news visit:

NYC, here we come!

After an amazing show at the Openair St.Gallen last weekend, we’ve arrived in wonderful NYC! We’re really excited about our shows coming up on the 15th, 17th and 18th of July!
New Yorkers, would be lovely to see you there!

Bleu Roi in New York City



Very proud and excited to present to you our second official videoclip
to the song «TOMORROW» directed by Kim Culetto (
A special thanks to him, Sidney Turtschi for the beautiful dance performance and
Kevin Sohn for his assistance.