NYC Rocks!

We’ve had the most exciting past few weeks: 3 amazing shows (thanks to all the venues for having and the other bands for some great music), meeting a bunch of great people, spending time with wonderful friends and family, videoshoot with the lovely & talented Maria Gysi, hanging with master JD, beer and chips on a rooftop, songwriting at NY’s finest beach, amazing food and a Yankees game to top it off!
Things just couldn’t get better…

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NYC, here we come!

After an amazing show at the Openair St.Gallen last weekend, we’ve arrived in wonderful NYC! We’re really excited about our shows coming up on the 15th, 17th and 18th of July!
New Yorkers, would be lovely to see you there!

Bleu Roi in New York City



Very proud and excited to present to you our second official videoclip
to the song «TOMORROW» directed by Kim Culetto (
A special thanks to him, Sidney Turtschi for the beautiful dance performance and
Kevin Sohn for his assistance.


SO excited to finally announce our NEW YORK CITY SHOWS:

15/07/14 Glassland Gallery, Williamsburg, NYC
w/ Secret Weapons, Riverwild & Gurus // 8.45pm

17/07/14 Fontanas, Manhattan, NYC
w/ Glitterlust, Shirley House, The Minka, The Mym// 11pm

18/07/14 Good Bye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, NYC // 8pm

Dear New Yorkers, would be lovely to see you there!

NYC shows_web

BLEU ROI is going to NYC

Exciting news on this sunny Sunday noon:
BLEU ROI will be going to NEW YORK CITY for 3 months this summer to work on the new album and to play a few shows! We’ll be in touch with new discoveries, sound snippets and impressions of the wonderful big apple – so stay tuned!
Our last show in Basel until fall will be on the 6th of June at the imagine festival. And of course don’t miss us at the St.Gallen Openair on the 28th of June – would be lovely to see you there!


Writing on new songs…

First spring walk (unfortunately in the rain) with 8 new demos/potential songs for my upcoming album. (No better way to analyze songs, btw) As the blossoms in this pic they will need a bit more sun and rain to grow but hopefully they will look, listen and smell as nice as these do! stay tuned…

Spring blossoms